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Orkida Muça's Educational Website Outline

Bio-websites, 4 teachers, Electronic portfolios, Webquests and Electronic Websites, Graphic organisers, Inquiring Teaching and The Big Ideas, The next step and Teams of Two, The IMM Research for secondary students,The audience and the product choise,Technology and the visual presentation, IMM actions and strategies in developing a product, Educational technology, Creating Webpages and Webpublishing, Thinking like Leo Davinci.


 Davinci's four principles: CURIOSITA (Top ten questions, review your list, rank your questions for importance, 10=very important, 1=low importance. Sample top ten questions: When am I most naturally my self? What people, places, activities allow me to feel most fully my self?What is my greatist talent?How can I get paid for doing what I love?What are the blessings of my life? What legacy would I like to leave? Activity: Choose a Theme for the day to observe: 1.Emoticons, 2.Seeing 3.Touching, 4.Aesthetics, 5.Animals, Signs. Keep mental notes or write in your journal. Contemplation Activity: " to look at with continual attention, to meditate on, to gaze attentively, not to make eyes at, to stare, to covet, gawk, ogle. 100 Question Activity about your self. Choose a question from your journal. Look for multiple prospectives.Contemplation clues: choose a place where you can think, learning styles are important: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic.Learning preferences are important: Quiet/Music, Warm/Cold, Bright/Dim light, Snacks/ No snacks, Alone/With a friend. Match your activities to your students'interests, DIMOSTRAZIONE: Leo's experiences, learn though trial and error, reflect on the most potential  experience of your life. SENSAZIONE All our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions...the continual refinement of senses especially sight, as the means to enliven experience. Resurrecting sensazione. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?Resurrecting sensazione. What is the most exquisite thing you have ever touched?Resurrecting sensazione. Imaging a sublimely delicious taste and a hauntingly delectable aroma.Resurrecting sensazione. How does your experience of one sense affect all others. Sensazione and enjoyment. The mind is the least used source of enjoyment. Edward De Bono.SFUMATO. Accept the challenge of disequilibrium. The study of beauty and ugly, beauty is skin deep, ugly goes clear to the bone.Sharpening Curiosita ,Demostrazione and Sensazione will increase sfumato. Monaliza, the supreme paradox. Deal with paradox while maintain sanity. Tolerate ambiguity. A willingness to embrace abiguity, paradox and uncertanty.Fascination with jokes, riddles, puzzles. puns. Sfumato partners with curiosita-friends. Link ambiguity with anticipation. Poise in the face of paradox.Observe when sfumato turns into anxiety-you compare rules, deducting. Monitor your intolerance for ambiguity- acceptance. Record your thoughts.  Cultivating Confusion Endurance.
 Contemplate dichotomies: Joy andSorrow, Intimacy and Independence, Strength and Weakness, Good and Evil, Change and Constancy, Humility and Pride, Goals and Processes, Life and Death. Record your thoughts. Identify evidences of sfumato in your curiosita list. Choose one item from your list as a theme. Incubate the topic. Record your musing. Contrasts in his paintings. ARTE/SCIENZA. My favorite. Mind Mapping. Outlining is left brain, only half witted. Mind mapping is full brain. Right brain=left handed. Beautiful paintings required study, explore the beauty of logic:
Where the world ceases to be the stage for personal hopes, where we, as free beings, behold it in wonder, to question and to contemplate, there we enter the realm of art and science. If we trace out what we behold and experience through the language of logic, we are doing science...If we show in forms whose relationships are not accessible to your conscious thought but are intuitively recognized as meaningful, we are doing art. Common to both is the devotion to something beyond personal, removed from the arbitrary.Albert Einstein.The structure of nature...networks...make intuitive and logical connections...Leo's mind map: begin with picture, keywords, connect keyword and central themes with lines, Print rather than write. Few words carefully choosen, use colors, pictures, dimensions, codes, highlighting. CORPORALITA(Walking, Equestrian, Swimming, Fencing).CONNECTIONS. Smart goal setting:Specific, Measurable, Accountability, Realistic and Relevant, Timeline. Capture your concept of wholeness:1.Mindmap, 2.Drawing, 3.Painting, 4.Collage 5. Video 6. Journal

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