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Creative Director's Bio

Orkida Muca is the founder and creative director of Builders of the Dream STEAM Foundation with ARTS Integration supporting  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) education in our world community. Our goal is to make the best education and professional training in all areas of ICT, Science, Math and the Arts universally accessible to all students. She has a Degree in Computer Technology, a Bachelor Degree in Biology and Chemistry,  and was selected by Tirana International School to carry out an Advanced Specialization in Educational Technology, Science, Gifted education and Parents in Education at Boise State University, in Idaho, United States. She is a Teacher and Specialist with a 20 years experience in a private Quality International American School "Tirana International School (QSI), one of the best international private schools in the world for students coming from the diplomatic class and businesses, in the subjects of Computer Technology, Biology, Chemistry and Math, and in other International organizations  in Tirana, Albania. She works as an IT instructor and trainer for the LINCOLN CENTERS ALBANIA and ADAPT Educational Research Training Center in Tirana. She just loves high order thinking of technology in critical vs creative logic and design and method in Tech and Science. I am are here to serve you and to offer you the latest innovations in educational technology. Orkida is a educational technology consultant in Tirana, Albania to all things education and business. She teaches one-on-one and in groups, and also trains the staff of several business companies in Tirana, Albania, in Microsoft Office Programs, Technology Tools, Educational Resources, Strategic Steps in Research Studies for students, Internet Hotspots, Webdesign, Blogs, Programming, etc. She collaborates with leading education institutions nd organizations around the world such as Magoosh, Elfi, Levinperconti, Ivypanda,, BroadBandSearch, etc.   Lexo biografinë në shqip...

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